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Things to do so as to Get Licensed in South Carolina to take on Certain Projects as a Building Contractor

Over the years, licensing of building contractors has been getting harder and tougher due to the many precautions state are taking to ensure only those who are qualified to take on building projects do so in the endeavor to curb fatalities that arise with poorly put up buildings. The state that we look at in this article is the state of South Carolina which is quite strict on licensing of building contractors. In South Carolina, there is a licensing board that has been put in place to handle issues with licensing and in specific licensing of building contractors. There are certain things that one has to satisfy the board of licensing within South Carolina so as to become a valid contractor. The state of South Carolina is very vigilant about licensing of building contractors because its main purpose is to preserve and improve human life and living standards for the citizens and residents of South Carolina as buildings are one of the major risks involved with human life. Be it commercial or residential work, as long as they are above five thousand dollars in value, the state is very vigilant about licensing and approval of this. The article below covers the requirements and due process to be followed when applying for licensing as a building contractor in South Carolina.

One of the things that one has to do in the endeavor to get licensing in South Carolina as a building contractor for projects beyond five thousand dollars is to apply for the licensing at the licensing board. To begin with, the building contractor has to submit a complete South Carolina Commercial Contractor Examination Registration form to PSI exam service center for both business exam and law examinations. For the commercial building contractors, their application form can be found at the back of the candidate’s bulletin for PSI. Residential contractors undertake a different procedure when it comes to this and anybody interested with getting more details at this level is always requested to call the state for comprehensive information. The PSI then issues the candidate with a letter of eligibility for them to take an examination after confirming all necessary requirements are met.

In the testing process, the candidate is supposed to undertake and pass both the business law examination and also the technical trade exam. They are also further require to take home the South Carolina Code of laws exam.

With passing the required exams, the licensing board is in a position to license and approve you working or the project.

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